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Anime - Manga

Kazuki & Mihaya

Mihaya Sisk
 Kanji 巳早
 Alias Young Master Sisk
Lord Sisk
 Nickname Mountain Monkey
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Affiliation Tanbarun, Clarines
 Occupation Viscount, Messenger/Ambassador
Opportunist, Criminal
 Title Lord Sisk
Messenger of the Royal Family of Tanbarun
Personal Status
 Status Noble
 Relatives Viscount Sisk (Father), Lord Sisk the Younger (eldest brother), unnamed elder brother
 Relationships Obi (detractor), Raji Shenazard (benefactor)
 Friendships Kazuki
 Weapon knock out drugs
 Manga Chapter 2
 Anime Episode 2
 Japanese Voice Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Lord Mihaya Sisk, Viscount is the third son of the former viscount of Sisk, an estate in Clarines which includes a manor house on Mount Koto. His father resorted to criminal activities to bolster his already impressive wealth and was a business partner with the Sea Talon pirate group in Tanbarun, which caused his title and those of his eldest sons to be stripped from them when discovered. With his family’s wealth and status faded Mihaya resorted to other means of trying to make a living. As his brothers were also implicated in his father's activities Mihaya became the head of House Sisk, but the title confers very little prestige or power due to the family's disgraced position.

His family’s estate where he grew up is located on Mount Koto, although it is currently abandoned and run down.


Mihaya has black eyes and scruffy past shoulder length brown hair that is tied in a short low pony tail.

In early first appearances he wears a long red scarf and tan brown tunic for his casual attire, though he will dress up formally for more formal occasions such as meeting the Zen to exchange information.


Mihaya is a sly, greedy and cunning individual with a deep desire for money and the power that is associated with being a noble and having a title. He will only divulge information for a price, which predominantly consists of some form of power associated with being granted a title into nobility, as money and jewels alone will not satisfy him when there is more to be had.

In chapter 73.5 he is described as a hard worker doing jobs with Kazuki even though he is an aristocrat.


Mihaya overhears men in Koto Town talking about a red-haired girl that a prince wanted but could not get his hands on. He follows Shirayuki into the woods whilst she is gathering herbs and kidnaps her, holding her hostage in his old run-down mansion’s dungeon with the intention to let her hair grow so that he may present her to nobility with himself as her guard. As Shirayuki fights to escape, he is burnt by fire and alcohol, and then becomes lethargic as he succumbs to an improvised numbing smoke bomb.

After some time after his capture, he returns to the castle to trade information regarding someone that is targeting Shirayuki. He joins the search party to look for the “pretty boy” that is targeting her, eventually going with Zen to Tanbarun when he learns that they are targeting Shirayuki whilst she is in the Tanbarun Castle.

Shirayuki has been kidnapped by the Claw of the Sea after she was kidnapped by Kazuki and Itoya. Mihaya realises that he may know where the Claw of the Sea’s base is and proceeds to trade this information for a reward from Prince Raji.

He is later given a title in the Kingdom of Tanbarun with authority, though with little benefits related it. The manga does not say what his title is. He offers to adopt Shirayuki into the Sisk family to give her a court rank so that she can stand on a more even ground by Zen’s side which she refuses.

Mihaya and Kazuki visit Shirayuki in Lilias and they have lunch together. Mihaya becomes shocked and disappointed when he finds out that Kazuki is only staying for a short period of time, and is irritated he allowed himself to get caught up in Kazuki's impulsive decision to visit.

Differences Between the Manga and AnimeEdit

His family's criminal past and disgraced status is downplayed in the Anime, while it is key to understanding his character and his play to gain a court position in Tanbarun in the manga.




Zen WistariaEdit







"Even if you have social status or family honor. Once your fortune is gone, you’re penniless. Why shouldn’t I earn money using all means? " —To himself and Zen
"So she’s called Shirayuki, huh? What the—are you her dad or something? " —To Zen
"I only wanted to ask, but Shirayuki, is there something going on between you and Prince Zen?... If you need a court rank, I can adopt you into the Sisk Family. " —To Shirayuki


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