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Mikage Chapter 15
Mikage of Rid
 Gender Male
 Age older than 20
Professional Status
 Affiliation Rid/Lido, Clarines
 Occupation Noble Lord, Retainer
 Title Lord Rid
Personal Status
 Relationships Lord Sui (ally), Lord Rid (former employer)
 Friendships Izana Wistaria
 Manga Chapter 15

Mikage is the current Lord of Rid (also translated as Lido). He was not a member of the family of the former Lord of the Rid Estate and that family's dispossession of the estate by Izana Wistaria in preparation for Mikage to become the new lord lead to members of that family staging a revolt against the Royal Family due to their loss in status, jobs, wealth and land.


Mikage is a tall thin man around Mitsuhide's height with minor but noticeable periorbital puffiness, or eye bags, which were more prominent in the past. He has light colored hair and eyes and dark eyebrows and lashes. Mikage usually wears a carvat and a white shirt with a tall standing collar underneath a looser collared jacket.


Mikage is a kind hardworking man with a deep seated sense of right and wrong and noblesse oblige. In the past he was often nervous and on edge but this did not prevent him from doing everything he could to uphold his honor and look out for those less privileged than himself and those he has a responsibility towards. His usual demeanor has mellowed some with age, though his beliefs are still as strong as ever he no longer seems on the edge of a nervous breakdown. The support of the Crown Prince, (later reigning King) Izana and that the corrupt former Lords of Rid and Sui were dispossessed of their lands and titles has given him faith in the royal family and has led to a long friendship with Izana.


Mikage was previously retainer to the now deposed Lord Rid. When Mikage continued to raise his objections to the previous Lord Rid over the unreasonable taxes the lord was forcing on the citizens of Rid his master rescinded his titles and employment and forced him out. Izana had foreseen this outcome and secretly gave Mikage a position overseeing a new castle alongside the banished former advisor and retainer of Lord Sui while Izana gathered evidence against Lords Rid and Sui in order to deposes them of their lands and titles. Due to Mikage being willing and unhesitating to risk his livelihood and titles to try to stop his employer and beg for Izana's assistance on behalf of the populace of Rid he ended up being given the title of Lord Rid himself after the former lord came to ruin.


Izana WistariaEdit

Ally, monarch, lord and friend.

Lord RidEdit

Former lord and employee.

Lord SuiEdit

Peer and ally. The current Lord of the Sui Estate, which shares a border with Mikage's estate. Like Mikage he was once the retainer of the corrupt former lord of his estate, but unlike Mikage he was a member of that lord's family and therefore the Sui family at large was not dispossessed of their titles and power when the former lord was deposed.

Lord Sui (deposed)Edit

Former competitor and opponent.



  • Mikage first appeared in Chapter 10 but was not named until Chapter 15.
  • While Mikage is a lord just what his title is has been left ambiguous and it is not clear if he is a Marquess, Count, Viscount or something else.
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