Kanji ミツヒデ・ルーエン
 Romaji Mitsuhide Rūen
Professional Status

Mitsuhide Rouen (ミツヒデ・ルーエン; Mitsuhide Rūen) is a main character and a male protagonist, as well as being one of Zen's close aides and Kiki's partner. He was first introduced to Zen when he was 17 by Zen's lord brother, the crown prince, Izana. He was a previous swordsman from Sereg Templar. He was once described as 'protective' by Kiki, another close aide, towards Zen.



Mitsuhide's concept art for the anime.

Mitsuhide has short, light sea silver-blue hair and brown eyes. He is tall and has a fair build. Shirayuki mentioned that Mitsuhide has a muscular and cool build. Whenever he is in the presence of nobles he always dresses formally with his sword with him at all times. His casual clothes are still quite formal as well. He has never been seen in short-sleeved shirts or tops, unlike Zen. His casual clothes normally consist of a buttoned-up shirt and trousers with high boots.


Mitsuhide has an outgoing, honest, and loyal personality. He is also flustered easily, especially when he's teased by Zen, Kiki, or Obi.


Before Mitsuhide became Zen's aide, he was a soldier in Sereg. He was first introduced to Zen when he was 17 by Zen's brother, Izana. Not much has been said about his life or family outside the palace.


"I don't serve you just because you're the Prince Zen of Clarines, you know." —Mitsuhide (Episode 11)
" Zen! I thought you were----*Then Mitsuhide saw Kiki* Oh. Have we met, before. Anyways Zen, I didn't know that you were with a young boy. *Then Zen silently whispered to Mitsuhide.* Mitsuhide, you idiot." —When Zen was with Kiki on a Marriage Interview.
"In my eyes, there is no one else like you." —To Kiki
"But Kiki... I cannot be with you." —To Kiki


  • He likes sweet things a lot
  • His last name was borrowed by Izana during the Lyrias incident.
  • It took 3 months for Mitsuhide to call Zen Wistaria "Zen" instead of how he usually calls him "Zen-sama".
  • In Season 2 Episode 11 (Chapter 28), Mitsuhide accidentally sniffed on a potion that has hypnotic attributes and it made him even more loyal and protective of Zen as ever even going back to calling him, "Zen-sama". However, memories of himself when he was hypnotized evaporated when he was cured by Shirayuki.
  • His name is a reference to the Japanese samurai Akechi Mitsuhide, the most trusted and loyal retainer of Oda Nobunaga, who played a big part in the unification of Japan during the Sengoku period.
  • Mitsuhide has never considered marrying or dating due to his extreme loyalty to Zen.


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