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Raji Colored

 Kanji ラジ・シェメザード
 Romaji Raji Shenazādo
 Gender Male
 Age 17
Professional Status
 Occupation Crown Prince of Tanbarun
 Title First Prince of Tanbarun
Stupid Prince (subjects)
Prince Moron (Zen)
Personal Status
 Relatives King Shenazard (Father)
Rona Shenazard (Younger Sister)
Eugena Shenazard (Younger Brother)
 Relationships Sakaki (aide)
 Friendships Shirayuki
Zen Wistaria
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Japanese Voice Jun Fukuyama
 English Voice Todd Haberkorn

Raji Shenazard (ラジ・シェメザード; Raji Shenazādo) is the Crown Prince of Tanbarun. He was nicknamed the "Stupid Prince" by many due to his selfish and mediocre attitude. After he helped rescue Shirayuki, the attitudes toward him changed and he was taken more seriously by others 


Raji has brown hair and forest green eyes. He has a small beauty mark under his left eye and wears formal and royal clothes.  He has a very similar appearance to his father, though their hair textures are different.


Raji starts out as a very spoiled and irresponsible individual due to his lavish upbringing as the prince heir. He commands very little respect from his people and servants, who view him as an embarrassment of a prince. After meeting Zen ( who has been known to refer to him as "Prince Moron") he is revealed to be quite timid and his fear of Zen is portrayed as a source of comedy, although they eventually grow to be able to work with one another with more respect. He is also somewhat socially awkward, relying a great deal on his attendant Sakaki to speak for him. Later on in the series, as he befriends Shirayuki, he undergoes drastic changes in personality and work ethic as he tries to become a prince that Shirayuki and Tanbarun can be proud of.


He was the story's first antagonist when he tried to force Shirayuki to be his concubine. He accidentally poisoned Zen with a basket of apples meant for Shirayuki which gave Zen something to hold over him and to threaten to expose in order to get Raji to behave. Raji naively started the rumor that Zen considered Shirayuki to be his fiancé which lead to a few more problems along the track. He eventually became a comrade to Zen after Shirayuki was captured while she was his guest and he offered to help Zen rescue her.

His friendship with Shirayuki changed him to a better person as it all started when Shirayuki asked him to be the prince of her hometown that she could be proud of, when Raji came to Clarines for a visit. He was taken aback by the remarks but then replied that he knew what should be done even without her telling him though he deeply considered what Shirayuki has just said.

Relationships Edit

Shirayuki Edit

His first meeting with Shirayuki wasn't a pleasant one as he initially wanted to make Shirayuki as his concubine just because of her unusual red hair. Shirayuki's first impression of him obviously not a good one. After hearing Raji's order for her to become his concubine, to the extent that he sent guards to get Shirayuki, she fled her life in Tanbarun to escape from Raji's grasp. Raji even attempted to poison Shirayuki in order to kidnap her in order to force her to submit to him and his desire to be able to rape her whenever he likes. However, with a help from the second prince of Clarines, Raji failed to retrieve her and he was even threatened by Zen not to ever say her name again and not to lay his hand on her again which made Raji terrified by the mere presence of Shirayuki in their next encounter.

However, when Shirayuki said that she wanted Raji to be the prince of her home country that she could proud of, Raji deeply took Shirayuki's word and considering of changing himself for a better person and a better prince.

Later, it was shown that Raji has changed greatly when Shirayuki's got kidnapped by a group of pirates. In order to save Shirayuki, without the help of Sakaki, his attendant, he pushed his pride aside and asked for his own people to help him in order to save a precious friend. He didn't seemed to mind when his own people judged him for being a cowardly prince, instead he apologized right away for not being a good prince and stated that he will be a better prīnce in the future and he kept on insistīng for a help frōm them.

Raji also became softer as he nearly cried when he meet Shirayuki again as his escort when he went to Clarines for Izana's coronation ceremony since it has been a long time he saw Shirayuki for a long time. This showed that Shirayuki's presence in his life really did left a big impact in his life individually and as a prince.

Zen Edit

Raji was shown to be terrified of Zen as he took Zen's threat seriously and put a lot of efforts so that he would not crosspath with Shirayuki when visiting the neighbouring country of Tanbarun which is Clarines. Raji was also shown to be not comfortable around Zen as he shifted a lot when Zen gave him a tour around the Clarines's palace. He even panicked when Shirayuki was mentioned by Izana with the presence of Zen beside him and accidentally blurted out that Zen was considering to take Shirayuki as his fiancee which caused an uproar around the castle when the rumour spread.

However, as time goes by, Raji started to ease down more around Zen and he even came to respect Zen as a good prince and appreciate him as a friend of his.

Sakaki Edit

Sakaki is his trusted and close aide. Raji was shown to rely on Sakaki a lot as he even made Sakaki to talk on his behalf. Sakaki accompanied Raji wherever he went and they knew each other for quite a long time since Sakaki seemed to be used with Raji's cowardly attitude. Sakaki appeared to be quite blunt around Raji and reacts to all Raji's remarks when he started to boast or praise himself. Sakaki also noticed the change in Raji's attitude ever since Raji met Shirayuki.


"It would be a pity to let the girl who can entertain my eyes so much go somewhere far away." —Raji harassing Shirayuki
""You should hold on to whatever you can if there is nothing to lose by having it."" —Raji to someone
"The red headed young lady you are holding against her will is the only person who has received the title Friend of the Tanbarun Royal Family. Abandon your plans to escape!" —Raji defending Shirayuki


  • He has a habit of constantly snapping his fingers when he has made a decision.


Raji pondering

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