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Ryuu (リユウ; Ryū) was Shirayuki's previous mentor as a pharmacist. He is a 12-year-old boy and a genius pharmacist known by many in his field. When he gets absorbed in his work, he won't hear anyone calling out to him. Has an incredible fascination with poisonous plants, which made him start reading about medicinal plants in the first place.


Ryuu has short messy brown hair and aqua blue eyes. He normally wears baggy casual clothes suited for his age and a scarf. He has shorts which reach to his knees and a pair of long black socks which reach above his trousers. He also wears a pair of puffed boots.


Ryuu has a mature, calm and apathetic personality. Due to his mental intelligence, others treat him as an adult and not a child. In addition, he doesn't understand or is unable to read people's feelings at times. Because of this seemingly cold personality, many people feel wary of him, and a few rumors about him spread around the kingdom. Ryuu isn't comfortable with everyone treating him like an adult, and it seems like he wasn't able to gain many friends due to this demeanor.

Since he was taken to the palace when he was very young, he was not able to interact with many kids that are his age. Usually, he just holes himself up in his office with work, so he does not get much exercise. When he was with other children he didn’t act like one himself and didn't play with others. Because of this, he had displayed his wish to 'grow up soon' a few times throughout the manga. This may mean that his mentality and physicality is not that strong. 


At a young age, Ryuu was brought to the Clarines Kingdom as he was known to be a prodigy in medicines concerned with herbs and plants. When Shirayuki passed the palace pharmacist entrance exam, Ryuu requested her to be his apprentice. In Chapter 5 Ryuu is seen with Shirayuki picking herbs and talking about why he became a pharmacist. When they return a man enters and asks for medicine. When Ryuu hands him the medicine the man drops it and says his hand has no strength, Ryuu looks at him and then tells him to get the Chief pharmacist medicine and exits the room. Moments later after Ryuu left the man talks badly about Ryuu which makes Shirayuki mad and makes the man withdraw his previous statement, which Ryuu overhears and tells Shirayuki it is not something to get heated about.

During the Lyrias arc, Ryuu accompanied Shirayuki to Lyrias as a part of the training given by the chief pharmacist. During the widespread of the illness caused by the Olin Maris plant, Ryuu met Kirito, a boy around the same age as him, who brought a few children to the pharmacy for treatment over the illness. The two becomes close friends afterwards.

After returning from Lyrias, Ryuu and Shirayuki were sent back to Lyrias by Garrack to investigate the Olin Maris plant and see if there's a way to make the plant retain its glow whilst making it poisonless. Before, the two returned back to Lyrias, Ryuu was called by Izana for an important discussion during which Izana stated his intentions of moving Ryuu to the Wilant castle after his research on Lyrias is done.

During their second visit to Lyrias, Ryuu told Shirayuki and Obi that his joints hurts a lot lately. It was later shown that it was simply a sign that he was growing up soon which was shown around at the end of the 10 month timeskip. In chapter 91,when Zen, Shirayuki and Obi stucked inside a cave due to the heavy downpour, they met Ryuu,Kirito and Lata who were on the moment also searching for a place to stay until the rain stopped. When Zen saw Ryuu, he was shocked to see that Ryuu had grown up since the last time he saw him.



Ryuu asked for Shirayuki as an apprentice because her hair color is similar to the flowers of the Yura Shigure plant. He asked her not to call him with any honorifics, even though he's technically her senior, because he thinks it's weird for an adult to call a child like that. Slowly, he opens up to Shirayuki, and is more sociable with her now. Shirayuki takes care of Ryuu, like how an older sister would. Ryuu seems to be fond of Shirayuki and cares about her as he immediately tells Zen Wistaria about her crying when Shirayuki was looking through Zen's log book.

Later on, in the manga, When Ryuu saw Shirayuki fell asleep, he went to see Zen and asked him what he would do if he saw Shirayuki's sleeping face. After Zen answered him, he then voiced out his thought that when he saw Shirayuki he felt the need to do something but he didn't know what and this left Zen speechless as Mitsuhide assured him that Ryuu probably wouldn't be a threat for him.

It is also shown that despite Ryuu's inability to read people's emotion, through his encounter with Shirayuki, he gradually started to be more observant especially towards Shirayuki. Ryuu managed to noticed if Shirayuki was down or depressed for a lot of times already. When it was Shirayuki's first time in the palace, Ryuu also checked Shirayuki's body temperature in case Shirayuki got a fever which she did at the night of that day.

In the Lyrias Arc chapter 87.5, when Ryuu got taller, he told Shirayuki that he was happy because Shirayuki's red hair which he liked was already at the same level with his eyes.


Obi accompanies Shirayuki and Ryuu most of the time as Shirayuki's bodyguard. Because of this Ryuu also befriends him in time. Obi calls him "Half pint", "Ryuu boy" (or Ryuu-bou), and sometimes let's him ride on his back. When Ryuu told Obi and Shirayuki about his joints started to hurt, Obi carried him and told Ryuu that he is getting heavier.

In Lyrias Arc, Ryuu even asked Shirayuki if Obi was going to come as he stated that Obi always appeared when they least expected it. Obi even gave Ryuu an advice when Ryuu told him how he was worried that he doesn't look like someone who can treat other people who has an illnesses or injuries and how he wanted to be and look like a dependable pharmacist. Ryuu also talked to Obi if it's weird for him to tell Shirayuki that he was glad her hair was eye-level for him which Obi encouraged him to do so but he regretted it afterward as he said to Suzu that he didn't even had the chance to be honest with her.

Zen Edit

Zen is one of the people who didn't think of Ryuu as an adult but he still acknowledged Ryuu's talent as a Court Herbalist. Ryuu appeared to be comfortable around Zen as he was willing to share with Zen about his worries of not being able to read people's emotion. In Lyrias, Zen stated that he wanted to see Ryuu the most when Shirayuki asked him if he wanted to try anything in Lyrias. When Zen finally saw Ryuu after for a long time he was shocked to see how much Ryuu had grown up.

Garack Gazelt Edit

Garack is a Head Pharmacist in the Palace who took Ryuu under her care. Garack appeared to be the closest person to Ryuu as she was the one to take care of Ryuu. Garack and Ryuu has teacher-student relationship. However, Garack seems like more of a mother figure to Ryuu because she cares about his health and his growth. She even consider to let Ryuu meet a lot of people and gain a lot of experiences. In chapter 57, it was shown that Garack nearly cried when Ryuu said "It's all because I got to know you." at the night before Ryuu and Shirayuki was sent to Lyrias.

Kirito Edit

Kirito is Ryuu's only friend who is around his age. Kirito's personality was a polar opposite to Ryuu as he was a loud and energetic boy while Ryuu was a quiet and reserved boy. However, the boldness in Kirito's personality led them to their friendship.

They first met when Ryuu was assigned to Lyrias for the first time by the Chief Pharmacist, Garack - where Ryuu was directly involved in a conflict in Lyrias regarding Olin Maris, a poisonous plant. When Kirito first met him, he didn't believe that Ryuu was also one of the pharmacists as he said that Ryuu was only a kid, which Ryuu agreed. As Kirito was also involved in the Olin Maris incident, Ryuu befriend Kirito as Kirito was constantly trying to talk and sociate with Ryuu non-stop. Kirito seemed to be very fond of Ryuu as he told Ryuu to come over again when it was the time for Ryuu to leave after the incident involving Olin Maris was solved.

Ryuu cared a lot about Kirito as well as he was willing to went out and bought some souvenirs for Kirito as Kirito asked Ryuu to bring him goods from the capital. When Ryuu was sent to Lyrias once again by King Izana, Kirito and Ryuu were shown to hang out together a lot.


"But I'm still a kid... So it's weird." —To Shirayuki (about calling his name with a honorific).
"...I like it when it's planted somewhere that's unsuitable for it, it doesn't bloom, and instead becomes poisonous. After finding out something like that happens among plants, I started to have an interest in medicinal plants." —To Shirayuki (about the Yura Shigure plant).
"Maybe that's because my intelligence is so uncommon that people can't treat me like a child." —To Zen.
"...It's all because I got to know you." —To Garack
"Yes,I am still a child." —To Kirito

"Um, today... No, starting tomorrow, I have to try harder." —To Shirayuki.


  • Ryuu (隆) means "noble" or "prosperous". This refers to his status as a worker in the palace.
  • He works very diligently, but when his concentration is broken he automatically falls asleep in "home position" under his desk in his office. Shirayuki tried lying down under there too, wondering if it was really comfortable, and was able to sleep peacefully.
  • Ryuu has a specimen of Yura Shigure on his wall, whose petals have the same apple-red color as Shirayuki's hair. Yura Shigure also appears to be his favorite kind of medicinal herb. Ryuu says it's his favorite because "It's red and pretty".
  • Ryuu seems to have low stamina and easily runs out of breath, although this may be because there is a long distance gap from the pharmacy court.
  • He can't cook.
  • Although he has a calm, focused and concentrated personality, once this is broken, he is easily flustered. He does not know how to deal with new occurrences. 
  • He ranked the fourth favorite in the character poll. 
  • The term Ryuu also defines as "dragon".