Sakaki (サカキ) is a minor character in the Akagami no Shirayukihime manga and anime series.

Sakaki is the advisor to Crown Prince Raji Shenazard of Tanbarun. Always by his side, Sakaki gives the prince guidance and advice as well as extra protection.


Sakaki is in his late 20's, has gray eyes, and has navy hair that is sharply colored gray on top. He wears a black and gold uniform that is rarely completely seen as it is covered by a long grey cloak. When he was younger he kept his hair quite long, pulled into a narrow pony-tail.


Sakaki is calm and level headed. While patient with the irresponsible and hot headed prince, he always cuts in to help curve Raji's rash thoughts. He seems to always have the prince's best interest in mind and is concerned about his appearance, actions, and happiness. He is a trustworthy, considerate character.


Sakaki has worked with the royal family for many years and helped to raise the children in the royal family before being assigned to Raji specifically. Not much is known about his personal life but it seems it has always revolved around serving the royal family.