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The Sereg Knight Circle is one of Clarines' Knight Circles, orders of knights which oversee the standing army and trade routes of Clariens. Sereg is the only one entirely focused on training knights for the kingdom, though it still functions as a proper Knight Circle by patrolling the nearby area and overseeing the nearby trading routes.

Unlike most of Clarines' Knight Circles it is not located in a city or other population center nor does Sereg seem to consist of soldiers and knights but rather knights and knights in training. The garrison is located in a fortress north of the capitol Wistal and south of the Wirant district, near Earl Seiran's estate and implied to be on the Seiran lands. Sereg's knights do not man any city walls and gates which may be part of the reason there are no soldiers stationed with the knights.

The only knight group which is more associated with the royal family than Sereg is the Royal Guard itself and Sereg Circle's crest includes a simplified version of crest of the royal family, encircled and protected in a diamond with an anchor like shape at the lower end. The royal children attend Sereg to practice and begin learning swordsmanship and how to interact and command knights and soldiers, as do the heirs of the Seiran Estate like Kiki Seiran. The only two members of the Royal Guard whose training past is known, and was traditional, trained at Sereg.

Differences Between the Manga and AnimeEdit

In the Anime Sereg is depicted as being even further north than Wirant on a large island off the northern coast of Clarines, it's location is more vague in the manga but given the travel described by Obi, Mitsuhide and Kiki regarding Sereg it is implied to be between Wilant and Wistal and on the continent.



The uniform of the Sereg circle includes a collared black shirt with the Order's crest in the center of the collar and a low breast-plate, over which gorget can be worn to protect the neck and upper chest and shoulders. During training the knights wear vambraces but outside of training these are worn less consistently.


Sereg Knight Commander (see Unnamed Characters)

The Knight Commander/Captain at Sereg who is in constant despair at his vice captain's antics. He is very rule abiding and conscious of social propriety which makes him a huge contrast to the sly loop-hole abusing Hisame, whom he is constantly, futilely, ordering to behave.


Sir Hisame Lugis, Sereg Vice Captain

Hisame Lugis is the vice captain of the Sereg Knight Circle. He has been a suitor for Kiki Seiran's hand in marriage since childhood and has, with the maturity that comes with age, properly proposed and become engaged to her as an adult, to the surprise of many including himself. He and Mitsuhide have had a rocky relationship but seem to be friends these days, even if he is easily irritated by Mitsuhide's generosity and perceived simple mindedness and Mitsuhide is easily annoyed by Hisame's teasing sly nature.

Vice Captain

Sereg Knight Announcer (Unnamed Characters)

A Knight at Sereg who is fond of Kiki and Mitsuhide but unnerved by his Vice Captain Hisame. This knight keeps his hair combed back while in uniform but more tousled look when off duty. He acts as one of the announcers for the exhibition matches during Zen and his attendants stay at the base. Later he is one of the knights to fight off Touka's thugs during the attack on Sereg. At the Harvest Festival hosted on the Seiran lands he approaches Kiki and tells her that he and some of the other knights have become regulars at the festival and are always happy when she is able to make it before being scared off by Hisame. Mitsuhide is familiar enough with him to recognize him from behind in a crowd, and joins the "announcer" and his group of friends for a while at the Seiran Harvest Festival. Five years ago a young knight in training at Sereg who looked like him made a snide comment to a fellow trainee about not noticing that Kiki is a girl, though it is unclear whether or not this young man is intended to be the same knight. Identifying traits include his slightly asymmetrical eyebrows, since his right eyebrow is thinner than his left, that his nose is drawn as less upturned than most young characters, his slightly squared off chin, his height (shorter than Hisame and taller than Zen) and his light colored short hair.


Wavy Haired Sereg Knight (Unnamed Characters)

A knight who wishes to gain the connections Kiki and Mitsuhide have gained by becoming aides to Zen. He attended the night banquet at the Royal Palace with the "Sereg Announcer" where he was one of the young men who was overwhelming Shirayuki when Hisame approached and scared of the group slowly encircling her and trying to impress her. During the attack on Sereg he was one of the three fighting alongside Prince Zen and Tariga, and received a cut from his browline onto the bridge of his nose. He regularly attends the harvest festival on the Seiran lands with the "Announcer" and two other friends. His Vice Captain Hisame identifies him as a social climber. In the past he was one of the last Sereg knights in training to learn Kiki wasn't a boy, since he had to be told rather than realizing by himself that she was a swordswoman rather than a swordsman. Identifying traits include his lithe build, thick eyelashes and light messy wavy hair.

"Wavy Haired Knight"

Petite Sereg Knight

A knight at the Sereg Knight Circle who is friendly with Mitsuhide and looks up to Kiki. He generally spends his time off duty with the "Boisterous Sereg Knight". He is by far the smallest of the adult knights at Sereg outside the Bergatts, but doesn't allow his small stature to keep him from competing with the best. He was one of the two guards inside the room when the Bergatts came under suspicion and were placed under custody at Sereg, and was subsequently poisoned into sleep by Tariga. He challenged Sir Mitsuhide to an arm wrestling contest at the harvest festival on the Seiran lands, and didn't seem to regret it despite how easy the ensuing contest was for the older knight. Identifying traits include his height, button nose and dark hair with a cowlick in front that gives him parted bangs like a young Jason Todd (Robin II).

"Petite Knight"

Boisterous Sereg Knight (Unnamed Characters)

A square jawed knight who is friends with the "announcer" who keeps his light colored hair cropped in a very short cut and is never seen without a laughing smile or threatening grin. He attends the Seiran harvest festival annually and is also friendly with Sir Mitsuhide, whom he looks up to despite their very different personalities. He was one of the many Sereg Knights who hadn't been able to figure out how to tell Tariga and Tsuruba Bergatt apart while the twins were using false names as knights of the order, as shown when he's not sure which twin is approaching the training arena before his name is announced, but he enjoys their swordsmanship due to their speed (Chapter 75). Out of uniform he wears a thin crescent gorget necklace, hearkening to his knighthood and military profession. Other identifying traits include his short eyebrows, muscular build and dark eyelashes.

"Boisterous Knight"

Sereg Messenger

A Sereg knight trusted by Prince Zen. He was used as a messenger by the prince while he's at the fortress and needs a reliable and speedy courier to take a message and instructions to Obi in Lilias. He trusts Zen and Mitsuhide and therefore passes on additional information he came across on his travels when he gets to Obi, letting him know that Mitsuhide has come under suspicion for the attacks on young nobles while the worried quirk of his brow lets Obi and the reader know he believes Mitsuhide is innocent and the accusations ridiculous. He has fluffy light hair with long thick matching eyebrows and dark eyes and is a couple of inches shorter than Obi. He is an accomplished horseman and was able to make the journey to from Sereg to Lilias in a remarkably short time. He is referred to only as the prince's messenger, as a reflection of Obi's position prior to his knighting.

"Sereg Messenger"

Former MembersEdit

Sir Mitsuhide Rouen, now part of the guard and retinue of Prince Zen

Sir Tariga Bergatt,

Viscount Tsuruba Bergatt, now acting as a viscount in Wirant.


Prince Zen Wistaria

Prince Izana Wistaria

Lady Kiki Seiran


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