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 Kanji シダン
 Romaji Shidan
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lilias
 Occupation Pharmacist, Botanist
 Title Professor of Pharmacology
Personal Status
 Relatives Kirito (Nephew)
 Friendships Garak Gazelt
 Manga Chapter 34

Shidan (シダン; Shidan) is a pharmacist stationed permanently at Lilias, specializing in research of Lilias' people. He is Kirito's uncle and works with Shirayuki and Ryuu during the "Olin Maris" disease outbreak, and later when they transfer there he is the overseer of the Olin Maris research project they are part of.

He is the childhood friend of Garak Gazelt and they studied and researched in Lilias together. She offered him a job as a court pharmacist in Wistal on several occasions but he turned her down because he doesn't want to serve as her assistant. It is speculated by the rumor mill in Lilias that Shidan wants a higher position so he can properly court her.


Shidan is a tall man with light hair and light eyes. He maintains a small unique goatee on his chin and has pierced ears.


Shidan is dedicated, passionate and tenacious when it comes to his research but easily discouraged in interpersonal relationships. He hates writing reports for Wistal because they are read and responded to by Garak who tends to respond critically with few words and in list form rather than essay wherever she can.


He found the "Olin Maris" plant by accident during his research. Mesmerized by the plant's light, and unaware of its poisonous properties, he wanted to study it and develop it to grow on the sides of the road during the winter, to be used as a beautiful light source at night .



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