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Shiira Eigan
Shiira Eigan
 Kanji シイラ・エイガン
 Romaji Shiira Eigan
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
 Affiliation Wistal
 Occupation Gatekeeper of the Poet Gate
 Title Senior Gatekeeper
Personal Status
 Friendships Kai Ulkir (partner)
 Weapon Spear
 Manga Chapter 2
 Anime Episode 2
 Japanese Voice Chiharu Sawashiro

Shiira Eigan (シイラ・エイガン; Shiira Eigan) is a guard in Clarines. He is a senior gatekeeper and is the partner of Kai Ulkir. They both guard the Poet Gate of the Wistal Palace. He and Kai are shown to have taken an interest in Zen and Shirayuki's relationship.


Shiira wears a royal guard outfit with a white cloth on top.


He is known to take his job seriously when on duty. He also shows respect towards Zen as he goes back to his duty of guarding whenever the Prince approaches. He and Kai have also taken an interest in Zen and Shirayuki's relationship as they have both noticed the closeness between them, although Shiira sometimes tries not to pry into their personal business. However, whenever he hears news regarding their relationship he becomes interested in finding out what has occurred between them. A good example would be when Prince Raji had visited Clarines and revealed how Zen and Shirayuki were "engaged". He was rather surprised but believed that Zen and Shirayuki were only good friends and nothing really happened. Overall, Shiira is kind and respectable and takes his duties as a guard seriously.


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