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Shuu Gratley Intro
Shuu Gratley
 Romaji Shuu Gratley
 Gender Male
 Age older than 18
Professional Status
 Affiliation House Eisetsu
 Occupation Retainer
 Title Retainer of House Eisetsu
Personal Status
 Relationships Eisetsu Rugilia (lord and boss), Kamiragi Kadif (acquaintance)
 Manga Chapter 109

Shuu Gratley is the retainer of the young Wirant district lord named Eisetsu Rugilia. Shuu keeps himself well informed about the gossip in Clarines at large and Wirant in particular and as of late has had to deal with complaints from dissidents in the Bergatt House who are annoyed at their new lord Tsuruba Bergatt and preferred Touka Bergatt, who was far less subservient to the crown.


Shuu is a thin young man with short hair. He has yet to be shown in color, but the color of his hair appears to be light.


Shuu is a dramatic and sarcastic fellow with a flair for bits of understated drama and an interest in continental politics. He is very fashion conscious and impulsive as well, quickly making decisions to try and make things easier on himself and just as quickly changing his mind when something or someone ends up seeming interesting to him. Kamiragi Kadif has Shuu pretty well figured out and knows just how to capture his attention even if Shuu's initial reaction is disinterest and annoyance.






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