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Note:Please look at the blog on Wiki Staff for more information. New users and old users are all welcome, we are not looking at experience at the moment, but mostly at your edits and your dedication.

Hi all, just a heads-up that I'll be on the lookout for some new ​wiki staff​. As the wiki is progressing well, we need more staff members, to help moderate the content and the articles. Some of the former staff were all inactive for too long, so they were recently removed and now some spots have opened up.

Currently we’re prioritizing on ​administrators, content moderators, rollbacks, discussion moderators, chat moderators and image controls.​

Criteria for each has been detailed below. There is an application request to be submitted and we have recently updated our rights section of the wiki administration page with more general criteria. Please take a look at it.

​Note:​​Please read our policies and criteria ansd rules before applying.​

After the application has been submitted, we will notify you with information about the selection process. There will be a brief background & activity checks and then going by our best judgment in my own time.

If anyone is interested and meets good standards of the criteria, please let me know (either in this thread or on my wall). Again, no apps, but you'll be put on a short list. After that, I'll discern when the appropriate time to appoint people will be. Let me also know if you have any questions or comments.

Note:Please read our policies and criteria ansd rules before applying.

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