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 Gender Male
 Age 19-25
 Hair Color Blond
 Eye Color Amber Brown
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lilias
 Occupation Pharmacist
Personal Status
 Friendships Yuzuri
 Manga Chapter 34

Suzu (鈴; Suzu) is a young man from Lilias and friend of Yuzuri. He works with Shirayuki during her stay in Lilias. He is the pharmacist who runs the central pharmacy as Shidan is too busy with the rest of the Pharmacological Institute to maintain the busy pharmacy which supplies the city and garrison as well.


Suzu is a young man of slightly above average height. He has chin length blond hair and amber brown eyes.

Because he lives in Lilias, most of his outfits consist of a fur lined jacket, pants and winter boots.


Suzu has a calm often sarcastic and flippant personality. He usually outwardly seems to be uninterested in things but takes his work seriously. Cause of his attitude he is also referred as eccentric. Though as his interactions with Kazaha highlight he's far from the most eccentric researcher in Lilias.


He is temporarily stationed in Lilias as a pharmacist, nothing about his life prior to Lilias is known other than his tendency to wander and never set down roots.

After being part of the small Olin Maris research group he decided to make his post in Lilias permanent.


Yuzuri and Suzu knew each other before the outbreak of the mysterious disease in Lilias during which time the two of them worked with Shirayuki and Ryuu to find the source and a solution. They are close friends and there are hinted romantic feelings between the two, pointed out by Kirito who is exasperated that neither of them do anything about said feelings.


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