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The Mountain's Lions (山の獅子; Yama no Shishi) started out as a group of bandits in the Mountains of Tanbarun. Oer time they built a hidden village in their forest base as the group grew with the addition of more and more people fleeing from slavery, forced marriages and other things causing them to be considered outlaws in the kingdom. The group makes money by acting as sellswords and mercenaries and has been acknowledged and made a legal entity by the King after their work with the crown prince to recover Shirayuki, who had been abducted from the Royal Palace of Tanbarun. Under their current leadership they provide shelter and homes to refugees like they always have, but now only take legal jobs to bring in money. Fleeing people within the kingdom who reach and are accepted by the Lions are given clemency under the current system and anyone trying to reclaim an escaped slave or runaway bride from the Lions is now acting as a criminal themselves.

Members of The Mountain's LionsEdit




Mihaya (works as the liaison between the crown and the lions)

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