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The Sea's Talon (The Claw of the Sea in the English Dub) is a group of pirates to the east of Tanbarun that arbitrarily exact tolls in certain parts of the ocean and evade landing inspections through backroom dealings. They also deal and trade people that possess extraordinary talents or attractiveness. They are often engaged in fights with The Mountain's Lions (The Lion's of the Mountain).


During Shirayuki's visit to Tanbarun, she was double kidnapped by Kazuki and Itoya and later kidnapped again by the Sea's Talon to be sold to a noble because of her red hair. Kazuki was also kidnapped and was to be sold to a noble. Eventually Zen, Mitsuhide, Kiki, Obi and Raji found about Shirayuki's double kidnapped and went out to rescue Shirayuki.

Shirayuki and Kazuki tried to escape from the Sea's Talon although they failed and were recaptured. Kiki purposely allowed herself to be kidnapped so that she could locate Shirayuki and help Shirayuki's rescue from the inside. Eventually with the help of Raji and his rescue fleet, Zen's group and the Mountain's Lions were able to corner the Sea's Talon and rescue Shirayuki. The Sea's Talon's leader Umihebi and many of her pirates were soon imprisoned for their actions and the Sea's Talon group was disbanded.




Umihebi, the captain of the Sea's Talon.


Kazuki (Former member)Edit

Kazuki anime

Kazuki on the Sea's Talon's Ship.

Kazuki was initially working on the ship for The Sea's Talon to get on their good side, but was sold to nobility to serve as a decoration. It is unknown how he left his position as a noble's possession, but he is currently part of The Mountain's Lions.




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