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 Kanji トロウ
 Romaji Torou
Professional Status

Torou (トロウ; Torou) is the stage name of an otherwise unnamed woman who works as an assassin. She was formerly a colleague of Obi.


Torou is seen with long waist length hair and semi-sharp shaped eyes. Her clothing resembles that of Romani origin and she wears large medallion earrings.


Though bubbly and flirty, Torou can change swiftly to a harsh, sharp woman with a violent manner, thanks to life as an assassin.


Torou has a previous history with working with Obi and another group. Not much is known; however she is known to have being doing, and still continuing, illegal and against the law type of jobs. On a previous job Obi was severely injured and she showed concern about him which he blew off. They went their separate ways after that.



She was a colleague to Obi at an organization that presumably handled illegal affairs, before he left. She describes Obi as friendly and sociable, but never gets close to anyone, which was better for their line of work. She can faintly remember a time when he was badly injured once; an event that made her think he was dangerous.

In their most recent altercation, Torou did not show signs of any dislike towards Obi and acted playful and casual. She also used him to complete a job without telling him what helping her entailed, namely fighting off guards for her and serving as backup. Obi did not seem surprised by this and even went so far as to save her from falling off a balcony.

Torou seems to be on good enough terms with Obi, judging by their interactions, though the exact nature of their relationship is a mystery. She and Obi have made it clear that they are not romantically involved with each other. Due to Obi's tendency to not get close to people, their relationship seems to be professional.

It's been three years since they last saw each other.


"Oh my! A handsome man! Where did you come from? Are you free for the rest of the evening?" —To Mitsuhide
"Are you really Obi?" —To Obi


  • Torou has stated she is attracted to both men and women.
  • Her real name is yet unknown.


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