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The Universe of Akagami no Shirayukihime is set in a historical time where the government is mainly under a feudalism system of government. Where serfs are ruled by nobles and kings/queens rule over everything. The continent of Akagami no Shirayukihime closely resembles the continent of Europe.

The two major kingdoms are Tanbarun and Clarines with Clarines being on the west side and Tanbarun being on the east side. Technology in Akagami no Shirayukihime is likely the type of technology found in the 1400's-1600's. Medicine is mainly from plants and herbs, lighting is by candles, weaponry is swords and bows, and transportation is by horses or by boats. The kingdoms are not at war and little violence is seen in the two kingdoms. Only petty thieves, human trafficking, pirates, and vengeful corrupt nobles are the main cause of trouble in the two kingdoms. Both kingdoms are pretty developed with Clarines being slightly more developed than Tanbarun.


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Shirayuki first starts off as a common town herbalist in the small town located in Tanbarun. Later on in the story she gain more nobility as she becomes an apprentice court herbalist and soon a court herbalist for the royal family of Clarines. She is also a friend to the royal family of Tanbarun.

Zen Wistaria is the second prince of Clarines. He likes to escape from the safety of the Wistal Palace to go on little adventures, of course his two aids come along for some provided protection. He is usually safe from harm in the peaceful kingdom of Clarines, but sometimes Zen will come upon some trouble, like fighting off bandits or vengeful serfs.

Mitsuhide Rouen is the immediate aid to Zen Wistaria with commanding power to guards if trouble occurs. His history is unknown but he did train to become a knight for the kingdom of Clarines.

Kiki Seiran is the second aid to Zen Wistaria with commanding power to guards if trouble occurs. She is also a noble of the Serian House as daughter to Earl Seiran.

Obi is the immediate guard to Shirayuki and messenger to Zen Wistaria. He was once a mercenary for Haruka and an assassin that would murder nobles.

Raji Shenazard is the crown prince of Tanbarun, and was also the main antagonist of the story. Seeming spoiled, cowardly, and dumb compared to Zen Wistaria at first but more polite and brave later in the story.