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The Universe of Akagami no Shirayukihime is set in a fantasy world with elements inspired by Europe's traditional feudal system of government. All action takes place on or near the continent of Fortissia.

The two named kingdoms on Fortissia are Tanbarun and Clarines. Clarines' southern tip is on the western peninsula of the continent, and the country has the sea to three sides. To the east of Clarines lies Tanbarun in the southeast and several unnamed countries to the northeast. Technology in Akagami no Shirayukihime is approximately the type of technology found in the 1400s-1600s. Medicine is mainly from plants and herbs; lighting is by candles, weaponry is swords and bows, and transportation is by horses or by boats. The kingdoms are in a period of peace, and most current conflict comes from rebellious nobles and pirate groups rather than competing nations. Despite being kingdoms, there are notable differences in the governing of the two allied countries, with Tanbarun having serfs and other legal forms of slavery.

In contrast, slavery and human trafficking are outlawed, though still a problem, in Clarines. Tanbarun also still permits women to be forced into arranged marriages. At the same time, in Clarines, both parties must agree to a marriage. Even if political marriages are still prevalent and young nobles in good standing are expected to have a matchmaking ball held and to have their parents solicit marriage proposals for them. Young people of other social standings are also very much expected to get engaged to someone their family introduces them to, or someone they meet at a match-meeting meal (usually dinner), which are popular events for singles. Although Clarines' more northern neighbors have yet to be named or explored, the more militaristic and imposing nature of the town walls, castles, and fortresses to the north imply they've given the kingdom more trouble than Tanbarun in the past.

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