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Viscount Blaker 001

 Kanji ブレッカ 子爵
 Romaji Burekka Shishaku
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Occupation Viscount
 Title Viscount
 Manga Chapter 12
 Anime Episode 10
 Japanese Voice Tokuyoshi Kawashima
 English Voice Duncan Brannan

Viscount Blaker (ブレッカ 子爵, Burekka Shishaku) is the landlord of Yuri Island. He had inherited the ownership of the land a year and a half prior to his appearance in the main story. During this time, he and his noblemen friends started to hunt the island's native birds for sport, despite protest from the villagers.


Viscount Blaker has short grey hair and wears formal clothes with a yellow neck kerchief.


Viscount Blaker has a smarmy personality with a superiority complex and looks down of those of lower ranking. He is spiteful of not having thought of using the birds as a means of communication and sought to sabotage the exam so that would not be made to look like a fool.


Viscount Blaker inherited the land by unknown means and began to hunt the native birds for sport and for their feathers to sell. After much protest form the villagers, he gives Kihal Toghrul the opportunity to have an audience with Prince Zen so that she may try to plead with the prince to stop the Viscount.

At the castle, Prince Zen decides to test the birds and holds an exam to determine whether the birds could be of use to the Kingdom of Clarines as an official method of communication. Angry that the Viscount himself did not hear of this first, he requests to follow Shirayuki to the fort to observe that Shirayuki and Kihal are not cheating. He ultimately interferes with the exam and throws the bell into the lake, then locking Shirayuki in a room where she later jumps out the window. He is then arrested for interference by Shikito and turned in.


"Prince Zen, it's not fair of you to leave that girl here so easily as if she's just an ordinary girl." — To Prince Zen


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