Release Information Edit

Artist: Saori Hayami
Lyrics: Saori Hayami
Composition: Kana Yabuki
Arrangement: Wataru Maeguchi
Release Date: August 12th 2015

Shortened Version of the Original Single used in the OP of the first season. It was released seperatly and is availible for purchase with the special cover featuring Shirayuki.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Romaji English Translation
「始まり」それは曖昧 "hajimari"sore wa aimai Our "beginning" is a little vague,
綺麗に並べたいけれど kirei ni narabetai keredo but I still want to tell of it beautifully.
本当に伝えたい言葉だけ hontou ni tsutaetai kotoba dake Even though there were words I really wanted to say,
絡みほつれて言えない karami hotsurete ienai our relationship came undone, and I lost the chance.
ゆっくり吸い込み yukkuri suikomi Slowly, take a deep breath,
優しい希望がずっと続くように yasashii kibou ga zutto tsuzuku youni so that this gentle hope can continue forever.
見えるかな mieru kana I wonder if you can see it?
この場所にいることを kono basho ni iru koto wo Can you see that it's right here?
指先に描いた道標 yubisaki ni egaita michi shirube It's the guide we drew out with our fingertips,
届くかな todoku kana I wonder if it will reach you?
私は今日笑えるように watashi wa kyou waraeru youni So that I will be able to laugh today,
あなたは明日微笑んで anata wa ashita hohoende please keep on smiling tomorrow, my dear.
きっときっとね kitto kitto ne Promise me, promise me that.
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